Freshies start out as aroma beads, a polymer that will soak up fragrance and color. Some companies call them car candles, others call them car air fresheners, and some companies like us and others, just call them Freshies.

There are a lot of candle supply companies and others that sell aroma beads, and they are all different. We work with a company that specializes in polymers and they offer a premium aroma bead that typically holds much more fragrance than their competitors.

We decided to go with this company to give you the customer a much better product.

Once you try our Freshies Air Fresheners and see how great they smell... You'll never need another brand.


🔶 Maximum Scented Aroma Beads

🔶 Premium & Custom Fragrances

🔶 Essential Oils for Aromatherapy in Many of our Fragrances

🔶 Up to 2 Months Full Fragrance

🔶 Hand Made in the USA in Texas

🔶 Satisfaction Guaranteed


Freshies from Aroma Beads

Each Freshie is good for approximately 8 Weeks of strong scent with a residual scent lasting up to 3 Months. It all depends on where they are used and how big the space is.

Some SUVs and closets take 2 to really fill the vehicle or space. If the windows are left down a lot the scent will dissipate much faster.

The elastic cord shown is current, but the color and thickness of the cord may vary in the future

The color and style of the Freshie shown in the picture is accurate in terms of what you will receive.

  • Each Freshie has an elastic cord
  • Each Freshie is Scented to the Maximum the Beads will hold
  • Aroma Beads/Freshies will fade or discolor if left in the sun
  • We recommend hanging from turn signal arm or luggage hook rather than the mirror
  • Do Not Allow Children to chew on or put in their mouth
  • Great for hanging on Diaper Pails

For Safety and to avoid Fading Colors from the sun, Do Not hang from Mirror

Monday, June 14, 2021 by Madison James