Our complete fragrance list is here https://lonestarcandlesandmore.com/topics/fragrances/

You will need to give us 3 Fragrance choices in order of preference and we’ll send one package

Many of the ones shown there, that are not on the store yet, are available. Fragrances not on the site are being added to the store a few times a week.

When we started offering FREE samples we were giving 2 Wax Tart Melts.
But in October 2019 we decided to send one package of melts instead, but we haven’t updated our FREE sample page yet and since each package is 4 times more wax volume than each tart, or 2 times overall, we didn’t think anyone would mind.

FREE Samples

FREE Samples

This is what we offer for FREE Samples to Customers who have never ordered before. Just like these but you still have your choice of scent.

Once you start placing orders from our site you can get FREE Sample Candles with an order.

Details will be available soon on our FREE Sample sign up page... to be completed soon

Thursday, January 02, 2020 by Madison James      Updated: Monday, January 06, 2020