Amber Woods in-house original
Amber Rose in-house
Autumn Cider in-house original
Bird of Paradise  
Black Raspberry Vanilla  
Butt Naked  
Candy Cane  
Christmas Tree  
Christmas Cheer in-house original
Cinnamon Vanilla in-house
Citrus Delight in-house original
Citrus & Sage in-house original
Cleopatra's Amber Our Name
Cranberries & Sandalwood in-house original
Cranberry Orange in-house
Creamy Vanilla  
Crème Brulee  
Frankincense & Myrrh  
Fresh Peach     (New)  
Fudge Brownie  
Gardenia & Lily  
Green Apple  
Hazelnut Coffee  
Honey Orange  
Honeysuckle Jasmine  
Hot Apple Pie  
Island Pineapple  
Jamaica Me Crazy  
Jasmine & Sandalwood in-house
Lavender & Lemons in-house
Lavender Vanilla in-house
Leather & Lace n-house
Lone Star Leather Our Name
Lime in The Coconut Our Name
The Spell of Love Love Spell
Midnight Musk in-house original
Mossy Amber in-house original
Mulled Cider  
Pina Colada  
Pineapple Sage  
Pomegranate Delight in-house original
Pumpkin Harvest  
Pumpkin Soufflé  
Pumpkin Spice  
Rosemary & Mint   
Salted Caramel  
Sandalwood & Lavender in-house
Sea Salt & Agave     (New)  
Spicy Cranberry  
Stargazer Lily  
Strawberry Leather in-house
Summer Blossoms in-house original
Sweet Almond (New)  
Sweet Amber  
Texas Bluebonnet     (New)  
Texas Bourbon Our Name
Vanilla Pound Cake  
White Tea & Ginger  
Woodsy Berry    (New)  


In-house means it was mixed in-house but that we may not have come up with the name. In most cases, but not all, essential oils have also been added.

In-house original means we came up with the formula and the name, and essential oils are always used.

Love Spell is a trademark of Victoria's Secret so we changed the name to The Spell of Love to avoid any legal issue down the road.
Many Fragrance companies duplicate cologne & perfume scents and call them Love Spell Type for example.

Our name means we came up with a different name for an existing fragrance. Leather / Lone Star Leather, for example, to go with our company name

Almost all of these are currently in production.

The ones not listed on the web site are because we haven’t finished the fragrance descriptions or gotten all of the pictures necessary to make the listing fit our standards

This page is continually updated as fragrances are added so if you see a fragrance but it doesn't have a link to click it doesn't mean it's not available on the site. You can click here to see the complete list that is available in the store

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