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Here's Three Easy Steps to Get Samples

But please NOTE before you sign up... There are going to be DELAYS!
Someone posted their own version of how our sample program works
on one or more "Freebie" Sites, and so several thousand
people signed up in a few hours starting on 9/10/2020
and it hasn't slowed down since.
The gist of this is that we normally send about 15 samples a week,
and our advertising budget, not to mention inventory,
isn't setup for more than a 2 thousand since this started.
We're a small Handmade Candle & Melt company.
This is our sample program info if you haven’t seen it yet.
We're continuing to try an work this out but it's going to take a while,

Sign Up on Our e-Commerce Website

Register at
Just Follow the Steps Below

Validate Your E-Mail after Creating Your Account

If you don't see an email from us, PLEASE Check your Junk or Spam Folders.
You'll need to Validate your email to activate your account.

Login To Your Account and Add a Shipping Address

You need to make sure to validate your email and Activate Your Account. You will then be able to login and add your Address.

What You Need to Do Next To Get a Wax Melt Sample


If you created an account in our STORE and added your shipping address, you'll just need to send an email request to us with

3 choices in order of preference and we’ll send one package.

If you didn't add your address when creating your account you can edit your account and add a shipping address as follows.

Step 1
On a computer just click on the login link at the top of the page.
On a phone or mobile device click on the menu link which is a stack of horizontal lines, and then choose my account.

Step 2
if you already have an account: Log in and  add your shipping address to your account
If you don’t have an account: Choose Register and create an account – You can choose to login with Facebook if you prefer.

Step 3
Once you have validated your email from the store site ( this is different than signing up for this email list ) Log in to the site, go to your account and add your shipping address. After you get everything completed, don't forget to email your scent request.

Click here for a Complete Fragrance List

No matter how you interact with us, through social media or register here on this free sample page, you will have to... Create an account in our STORE and add your shipping address.


The most important part is that you have to be able to receive our direct email. The subscription email is handled by a commercial service that always gets delivered, but we're a small company and not always recognized by some of the email providers.

We have an online e-commerce website just Like Amazon and all of our transactions, even the FREE Samples go through that site and all transactions and customer service involve email.   will show you how to make sure you receive our email.

Once you create your account, you have to validate your email. If you don't see a validation email you need to mark our domain as a safe sender.


Transactions and shipping notices come from and Customer Service emails come from

We answer all questions, so if you do not see a response,
PLEASE check your junk or spam folders

We USED TO send two Wax Tart Melts, but now we send one package of melts instead.

Melts Like these but you still have your choice of scent


Your sample will be sent to you completely FREE of charge, we'll even cover the shipping.
Please Note: As much as we would like to have everybody in the world try our Candles & Melts... We're unable to send FREE Samples outside of the US due to the extremely high cost of International Shipping. 

If you register at our store your account will be automatically set up. If you sign up for our newsletter or register through one of our sample / giveaway pages, you'll still need to create a store account when requesting samples.

Your information will be safe and will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be read on our website.


A Sample Can Be Requested Once a Month with an Order


If you request a sample and decide to become a customer, you can request a sample monthly with an order for any one of our products.

Orders under $15 can request a package of Melts, monthly.

Orders over $15 qualify for a 3 oz sample candle, and orders over $25 qualify for a 7 oz sample candle, monthly. Again, completely free with your order.


Samples Program details subject to change without notice


FREE Samples