Lone Star Candles & More was started with the goal of making Candles and Wax Melts that not only have Scents that smell fantastic... But to also make candles that keep you and your family's safety and health in mind.

You see, I grew up loving candles burning all around the house, and although when I was very young it was just the ambience of white candles with flames flickering here and there throughout the house.

And as I grew into an adult I found that several companies had begun making their candles more and more fragrant, and then there wasn't just the ambience, but a great aroma throughout the house, and I loved them even more.

But in November 2006 my love of candles turned into a fear… My aunt's house burned down, caused by a candle.

There's no way to be 100 percent certain of what actually caused the fire to start, but the candles that she burned were the large pillar type that weren't in a container, and the investigators determined that the candle must have burned down one side and possibly fallen over.

Since I loved the aroma but was afraid to burn candles I moved to wax melts so that I could at least enjoy the fragrance throughout my house, and didn't burn another candle for almost 12 years… I went through a lot of wax melts.

About two years after my aunt's house fire I began having a lot of problems with allergies, and so naturally I started looking into everything around my house that could be part of the problem. And while it turned out that my wax melts weren't part of the problem I did learn an awful lot about wax.

After reading all I could about paraffin and soy wax to make sure that neither was adding to my allergy problem, not to mention… Melting numerous brands of wax melts, and even at one point melting none at all for two weeks to make absolutely certain nothing changed, I became one of Scentsy's best customers.

Even though most of what I learned told me I should stay away from paraffin wax, and even though they use a paraffin blend, Scentsy's position is that they don't burn wax… their product doesn't use a wick.

So for over a decade I was just enjoying the aroma of my wax melts.

Then one day after doing a lot of research for a potential project my business partner and I were working on, the subject of the environment and wax came up.

Soy wax to be exact. It's funny how the little things lead you down certain paths.

The conversation eventually turned towards soy wax in candles. Knowing about my fear of candles he asked what I thought about making container candles, stating that if the candle responsible for my aunt's house fire had been a container candle the accident likely would've never happened.

We both agreed that while any flame still has the potential to start a fire the likelihood of a fire starting from a container candle is many times less than that of an open candle.

And the more we talked about soy wax being environmentally friendly… The difference between burning wax made from soybeans as opposed to burning paraffin wax, a byproduct of making gasoline, the more interested I became.

There are many more benefits to using soy wax in candles and wax melts that we'll cover in other articles and much more that we would like to share with you. But for now…

This is what led to forming Lone Star Candles & More, where we only make Container Candles and Wax Melts, and we only use Eco-Friendly Soy Wax.

We're glad you found us,
Founder of Lone Star Candles & More